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Charles Cowling


We stood and whooped and hollered here at the GFG-Batesville Shard when we opened this email from Darren Abey: 

Hi Charles

Only Fools and Hearses have just carried out our first funeral in Berkshire. The family loved the send off , they said it was priceless and would never forget that their father had the best celebration of his life possible. Dell Trotter he may not have been but he was one of life’s characters.  That’s why I built this hearse, it gave everyone a day never to forget.

I am over the moon, its worked, it’s proved we want to celebrate our families’ wishes. As Del Boy said, ‘Never stop believing, Rodders’.

Let’s hope this hearse brings more smiles to the funeral world.

We hope it’s brought a smile to your own Thursday countenance. Well done Darren!!


2 thoughts on “First first of the day

  1. Charles Cowling

    Brilliant idea, made me smile after a sad and difficult week- good luck!

    Charles Cowling
  2. Charles Cowling
    Colin Fisher

    Absolutely brilliant. You should do very well with this, good luck.

    Charles Cowling

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