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Special communiqué from the Guvnor of the GFG, Sir Basil Batesville-Casket KBE, CDM, RLSS (Bronze)

Blog Ed has up and hopped it to the coast for what he tells us is a well-deserved break. We’ll be the judge of that. There won’t be a job for him when he gets back. We need a better class of tone on this blog, less of the nitwit stuff, more gravit-whatever the word is. So we’re going to have a re-think, a clear-out, get rid of that tedious old Mollington woman while we’re at it. 

While we’re looking for a new broom things may be a little quiet.

We’re sorry for your loss. 


  1. Charles

    Don’t you dare gang up on the blessed Lyra. She knows more about the human spirit that you’ll ever know, and, after Judi Dench, is fast becoming one of our most loved national treasures.

    I suggest an arm-wrestling competition, or, failing that, a chocolate blancmange fight to settle the matter. But be warned, she fights dirty.

  2. Charles
    Sir Basil 'The Capo' B-C

    Fighting dirty suits me just fine, my lovely. I see you are in a minority of one on this matter. Need to do a bit better than that.

  3. Charles

    Now come on captain, regroup and refresh and get back in the saddle. The blessed Lyra ( thanks Sweatpea) does not need to be ‘got rid of’ No Sireeee! She brings reality and the human touch at the end of a hard week, she lightens the darkness and reminds us what we’re supposed to be about here- Guiding folk towards the Good Funeral.
    Also, we like the nitwittery, the randomness of the tone, and the lacking of occasional gravitas which keeps us sane in the presence of the tedious and long-windedness of some of the more gravitas filled commentators here.
    It’s a Blog, for goodness sake, keep it bloggy. (At least at the weekend …..?)

  4. Charles

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooo, Lyra must remain for as long as she has the will to do so. We love her and as Jed and Sweetpea say, she is the little touch of normality and humanity at the end of a long week. If I can’t find time to catch up with anything else on our revered blog, Lyra always has something to say. Long live Lyra. And have a good rest Cap’n.

  5. Charles

    Sir Basil: I respect your decision to have a re-think and a clear-out. You are the boss. But the first thing you should get rid of is your title. We live in troubled times and the plebs are revolting.
    With regards to your Blog Ed, everyone needs a break, whether well-deserved or not.

  6. Charles

    Psst! Mrs M. I can’t speak too loudly in case I’m overheard – and Sir Basil is making his rounds – but I wanted to say, not to worry too much. When the Ed’s away old Sir Fawlty as we call him likes to think he’s in charge, but, frankly, he wouldn’t know one end of a blog from another.

    We let him huff and puff a bit but nothing is going to change. He might as well spend his time polishing his collection of cleft sticks. We only keep him on because he looks the part at garden parties.

    You’ll be alright, take it from me. There’s too many here that think you’re the tops. They wouldn’t dare.

  7. Charles

    Sir Basil, you toffs are TOTALLY out of touch. Get back to your posh friends and leave the GFG alone. Where did you suddenly come from? Lyra is the BEST thing in Britain today, she writes with the tongues of angels. Lyra, please, Fridays would never be the same without you!

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