Death by Christmas shopping

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Posted by Richard Rawlinson


There was a time when the skull and crossbones symbolised ‘Danger’ when displayed on poisonous products or worn on the clothes of Punks, Goths, Hell’s Angels, pirates and SS soldiers.

For some years now, it’s been a ubiquitous part of mainstream fashion, found on everything from Debenhams babywear to John Lewis cushion covers.

If you go to Google Images and key the word ‘skull’ followed by pretty much any product, you’ll be spoilt for choice: duvet covers, wallpaper, plant pots, teacups, loo brushes, dog baskets, mobile phone holders, trainers, umbrellas, cufflinks, bras…

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9 years ago

I flip between finding this fascination with skeletons and their broken up bits obscene, and finding it funny.

I have had three calls this week from media companies asking to film/interview/do a documentary on ….. a bereaved family/their funeral planning/ green burial.

It used to be said that a culture is either obsessed with sex or with death;

Is our culture going to trump all others and obsess about both?

Judith Hibbert
Judith Hibbert
9 years ago

Here’s another to add to the Christmas present list – I bought a pair for my husband years ago:
They do corkscrews and bath taps as well
Go on – you know you want to.

9 years ago

Judith! You forgot to mention the prices…. Was quite fancying the platinum bath overflow
“Extremely original, yet beautiful, hand cast skull. Lie back and watch your bath water slip through …”
Till I saw this:
“Prices from £377 to £18,961”
Ah well keep dreaming…