The Grim Biker’s on the telly

Charles 2 Comments


When I was asked if I would permit a crew to film a real biker’s funeral, complete with real mourners I was very cautious and indeed dubious to say the least. Funerals are not there to serve as PR opportunities so I was not keen at all, but while I was with the BBC a family happened to visit our workshop and I saw first hand how sensitive and professional the crew were…

Read all of Paul Sinclair’s account of his experience of being filmed by BBC Religion here. The programme’s out on Weds 12 September at 9pm on BBC2. The title is ‘Dead Good Job.’

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11 years ago

Looking forward to seeing it very much. Paul is so passionate about every aspect of his job. It will be interesting to see what the BBC makes of him!

Belinda Forbes
11 years ago

I met Paul on Friday for the first time. His passion and his generosity shone through. As I’m sure we’ll soon hear on this blog, he is also very funny – and he wins the prize for the best opening line in an awards acceptance speech. I will be watching on Wednesday.