Rum do in the valleys

Charles 3 Comments

The chapel where it happened


A burglar is engaged in his work of ransacking a chapel wherein lies a dead person awaiting their funeral. He is disturbed, mid-rampage, by the arrival of the undertaker coming to get everything ready for the service. The burglar, panicked, attempts to climb into the coffin…

What happens next? Read the unlikely, unsavoury and true story over at Wales Online


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Jenny Uzzell
9 years ago

Several churches now refuse to accept a body the night before a funeral for this very reason.
Very sad!

Kathryn Edwards
Kathryn Edwards
9 years ago

Poor show to have a body in a significant place without a vigil.

Charles Cowling
9 years ago

Yes, what a good point, Kathryn. All alone. A dead person should be accompanied all the way to the edge of Eternity.