Richard III: fresh calls for state sendoff

Charles 3 Comments


Dig that: the car park atop R III’s grave overseen by Tudor warriors


Tory MP Chris Skidmore has tabled an early day motion in the House of Commons. It moves:

‘That this House notes the discovery of a skeleton beneath a car park in Leicester believed to be that of Richard III; praises the work of the archaeologists and historians responsible for the find; hopes that DNA evidence will prove the remains to be those of the last king of the Plantagenet dynasty; and calls upon the government to arrange a full state funeral for the deceased monarch, and for his remains to be interred appropriately.’




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11 years ago

State burial, woodland burial or Co-op burial, it has has to be better than car park burial. Love the idea of RIII returning to rest to the strains of My Way (Regrets, I’ve had a few but then again to few to mention)! Or how about Lil Wayne’s Misunderstood:
Or this one:

Charles Cowling
11 years ago
Reply to  Richard

Explanation owed to baffled readers. I added a coda claiming that we had encountered a rumour, here at the GFG-Batesville Shard, that Co-operative Funeralcare was considering lodging a bid to undertake one of their package ‘celebration of life’ funerals replete with newest-model vehicles designed to expedite the grief journeys of their passengers. I speculated that proceedings would conclude with My Way as the curtains jiggered shut at the end of a 20-min ceremony, and that the assembled grievers would be greeted with a balloon release as they shouldered their way through the concourse of grievers assembling for the next funeral.… Read more »

gloria mundi
11 years ago

No doubt Mr Skidmore is ready to fund a full state funeral from his own pocket – should be a little less costly than the alternative you claim to have heard about Charles…
But it’s good to see the archaeologists being offered fully-armed state protection from a possible bone-snatching raid by those damned Tudors. Or the Lancastrians. Or Monty Python’s Flying Circus.