Charles Cowling


I wish
I wish we’d had more time,
To talk about the life you lead, the things you saw, your thoughts left unsaid.
I wish we’d looked to our futures, yours and mine,
Shared paths, different lengths of time,
I should have followed where you led.
I wish I knew what really made you laugh,
From that place in your heart,
When the tears would start and track down your face,
Your shoulders would shake,
And you lost all semblance of grace.
I wish I didn’t know what made you cry,
The hurt in your eyes, in your voice,
Head forced down whilst you try,
Try and hold it together.
I wish you’d have let me help you more,
And I’d asked you for less,
Both of us like children,
The pain of asking as great as any from the mess,
We got ourselves into.
I wish I’d said “I love you” more than I did
But most of all,
I wish you were still here to listen to these words.

Lol Owen

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