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The Natural Death Centre Charity proudly presents

The NDC Death Café

2.30pm – 5.30pm

Sunday, 4th November

London NW2 6AA

(Willesden Green underground station)

A fundraising event celebrating the 21st birthday

of the Natural Death Centre

This Death Café will be held at the former office of the Natural Death

Centre and home of its founders, the late Nicholas Albery and Josefine

Speyer. It will be hosted by Josefine, along with Jon Underwood who

started Death Café in the UK in 2011, inspired by the ideas of Swiss

sociologist Bernard Crettaz.

Come and join us for a free flowing conversation around the topic of

death. Whilst sitting comfortably in a relaxed setting, drink tea and eat

delicious cake or sandwiches and enjoy an open, respectful and

confidential space for discussion, free of discrimination where people can

express their views safely.

To participate, please email a note to: josefine@josefinespeyer.com with

your name and phone number, how you heard about the event and any

special dietary requirements. She’ll send you an email to confirm your

place. Thanks!

The Natural Death Centre charity relies entirely

on donations and book sales. Your donation will go

towards paying for the free helpline and the day-today

running of the charity. Copies of the new edition

of the Natural Death Handbook will be on sale.




    1. Charles


      judging from a very recent post by Charles, it may be appropriate for you to ‘identify yourself’



  1. Charles

    I am so looking forward to the Death Cafe and lots of riveting conversation. Though there will be a mixture of topics up for discussion brought by those attending, I am anticipating home funerals will be one of them. The event is an ideal opportunity to meet people face to face.

    Congratulations to Jon Underwood and team at Death Cafe for hitting their first birthday and we wish many more to come.

    Susan, Natural Death Centre

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