Welcome, Funeral Advisor!

Charles Cowling


Funeral Advisor is a project of the Natural Death Centre, created by Jon Underwood of Death Café fame.

The aim is beautifully simple: to offer to the bereaved the opportunity to review their funeral director in the same way that travellers can review their hotel at TripAdvisor.

Check it out here.

4 thoughts on “Welcome, Funeral Advisor!

  1. Charles Cowling

    Wow brilliant idea. I do recomment others to consult it. Its so nice and thanks to put it here

    Charles Cowling
  2. Charles Cowling
    David Holmes

    Brilliant idea – this funeral director welcomes it.

    Charles Cowling
  3. Charles Cowling

    Great idea – fds be afraid…..be very afraid…..

    Charles Cowling
  4. Charles Cowling
    Jon Underwood

    Thanks for putting this up Charles. Just to say that the site is still being tweaked prior to going live after a launch at the Joy of Death festival on the 7 – 9th September. We’d love to hear comments about Funeral Advisor either via the Contact Us form on the site, or emailed to me at underwoodjon@gmail.com so please do get in touch.

    Charles Cowling

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