We salute you, Susan!

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Susan Morris is no stranger to putting herself out for others. She is Trustee, Company Secretary and mainstay of the Natural Death Centre; an award-winning palliative care nurse; and, as you can see, an Olympic Volunteer. As you may imagine, she’s also terrifically nice — and, as her photo attests, she looks great in pink, a notoriously difficult thing to pull off. It makes a change from black, she tells us.

Susan is presently to be found at Kings Cross, St Pancras and Euston train stations giving advice about travel and talking up the allure of Camden.

Susan wonders if anyone else from Funeralworld is involved with the Olympics in any way? If you are, do write or phone and tell us what you are doing.

Is there an Official Undertaker for the games? There must be. If you know who it is, please leak the information in strictest confidence.



  1. Charles

    Dear Charles, I blush. London is just buzzing with the Olympics and so I hope everyone is enjoying it.

    What has struck me about the Olympics in London is how communities of people can be mobilised for a common goal as London is just taken over in a sea of pink of volunteers in uniform. The Natural Death Centre charity launched the Natural Death Society in the spring with a similar goal of networking and it’s inspiring seeing the activity. If people join the Natural Death Society they get a copy of the Natural Death Handbook (fifth edition), see http://www.naturaldeath.org.uk .

    We hope to meet more of you at the Joy of Death Festival, Bournemouth, 7-9th Sept http://www.joyofdeath.co.uk then the Kicking the Bucket Festival, Oxford, 15th Oct-2nd Nov http://www.kickingthebucket.co.uk . Social capital and the ‘neighbours over the fence view point’ has always been at the heart of the NDC and to promote that spirit of community http://www.funeraladvisor.org.uk in collaboration with Jon Underwood is to be launched next month.

    I love being part of the amazing Natural Death Centre crew of Rosie, Lara, Fran, Ru and Richard and our newly appointed patrons.

  2. Charles

    I am a member of the public keen on sporting events who arrived at Euston station and fell into conversation with Olympic helper Susan Morris and asked her about other cultural opportunities in London. Before I knew it, I was in a basement with hundreds of Goths listening to extremely loud avant garde ‘music’ that made my nose bleed. I think Lord Coe should screen volunteers more carefully. This woman is all smiles on the platform….

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