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See the Reading Scottish Pipe Band right at the end


Posted by Belinda Forbes, celebrant.


For some of the participants, when an event as life-changing as the Olympics finishes, it is like a bereavement. So it was appropriate that at the Closing Ceremony on Sunday evening Eric Idle performed Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life. This is a song which I have been asked to play on several occasions – usually at the end of a funeral ceremony.

Amongst the skating nuns, the Indian dance troupe, the Welsh women in traditional costume, the Morris Dancers and the angels, my eyes were drawn to the Scottish pipers. This was the Reading Scottish Pipe Band led by Pipe Major Ron Paterson. I have had the privilege to work with Ron and we have done several funerals together. At a funeral in April of a fellow piper, Ron played with pipers from the Reading Pipe Band and the Pride of Murray Pipe Band – seeing them lead the hearse through the crematorium gates was an incredibly moving sight.

Last night he was interviewed on our local BBC new programme South Today about his experiences at the Closing Ceremony. He and the other band members had thoroughly enjoyed mixing with the celebrities. One of the Spice Girls made Ron’s day when she told him that she loved his uniform. However, the best moment for him was the noise made by the audience as the band entered the stadium.

You deserve it Ron!



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9 years ago

GFG sub editor – be thankful it wasn’t a folded iPad.

9 years ago

Ron Paterson is the best piper in these parts by about 500 miles…and back again. If you ever need a piper for a ceremony, book Ron, he is amazing AND he is sensitive to the needs of the occasion – chooses exactly the right pieces and somehow positions himself perfectly so as not to blast your socks off when he starts to blow ( or os it squeeze?) I can’t recommend him highly enough. Thanks for finding this Belinda.

Belinda Forbes
9 years ago
Reply to  Evelyn

Well said Evelyn. We are lucky here to have so many good pipers to choose from but we’ve taken a shine to Ron!

GFG sub editor
9 years ago

Oops i should of spoted that, soz!!! what price 3 years media studies deggre uh? The editor has just hit me over the head with a roled up newspaper


Belinda Forbes
9 years ago

I meant newS programme of course!