The birds and the FDs

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A story that’s been doing the rounds of local newspapers has made it to today’s Telegraph. Dear reader, what is it about this tale of alleged mundane office sexual shenanigans which elevates it to the status of juicy newsworthiness?

Skye Knight, 38, alleged that Billy Shannon, an embalmer, molested her after grabbing hold of her by her ponytail at Highfield Funeral Service, Huddersfield, West Yorks. She fled the cellar when Mr Shannon tripped on his apron, it was claimed.

Two weeks after the incident Mrs Knight was warned about her “flirtatious” behaviour, low-cut tops and short skirts.

The tribunal heard claims that Mrs Knight had embarked on an affair with Clive Pearson, of Marsden-based Pearson Funeral Service … the pair were seen in one of the company’s vehicles sent to collect a body from Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.

There’s more here. The case has been settled out of court. 


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Nick Gandon
11 years ago

One advantage of stainless steel is the fact that one is less likely to get a splinter in one’s arse, unless one is extremely unlucky – or so I’m told….

gloria mundi
11 years ago

Well one thing’s for sure- neither of them could possibly get splinters anywhere…