There but for the grace…

Charles Cowling


From the Sun, 18 July:

An undertaker with Britain’s biggest funeral firm has been arrested on suspicion of snatching a dead gran’s savings.

Former Co-operative Funeralcare worker Grahame Lawler, 37, is suspected of rifling through the pensioner’s household belongings less than an hour after she died.

Could happen to any funeral director?

The Sun understands the woman, in her 70s, was “still warm” when her possessions were taken from the home.

What’s that got to do with it?!

Sun story here.

Daily Mail version here

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andrew plume
andrew plume
9 years ago

yes indeed

yet more good news for ‘the peoples undertaker’


Paul Hensby
9 years ago

I can’t help feeling that Co-operative Funeralcare is (let’s give it a singular character) beginning to reap the results of accountancy led bottom line approach. And so corners cut, training reduced, values eroded, principles diluted and the customer/client service given a cost but not a value.
In a very limited way I had experience of this when its cleint (sic) relations department sent me an email.