No Zil lanes for the dead

Charles 4 Comments

The Olympics are going to create a headache for funeral directors and the bereaved in a country where getting to the crem on time is crucial to the smooth running of a crematorium. Some funeral directors are already in despair. According to the Daily Star: 

Moona Taslim of Muslim funeral home Haji Taslim, which sits parallel to the ­Olympic route, said: “We’re completely buggered.”



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Nick Gandon
10 years ago

“We’re completely buggered.”

I commend the transparency and “clear speak” from Moona.

George Tinning please take note.

Nick Gandon
10 years ago

PLEASE BE AWARE that there is a malicious cookie issue if you try to access the Haji Taslim website….

Hope that it gets sorted soon!


Charles Cowling
10 years ago

Thanks, Nick!

andrew plume
andrew plume
10 years ago

yes indeed, very clear speak from Moona

the last time that I looked at the website of the respected Taslim business, there was a very good indirect plug for a certain Carriage Master