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By Richard Rawlinson

You want celebrants to say good things well, but how do you want them to dress? If you’re opting for a civil funeral, do you want them business-like in a dark suit or to join in any sartorial theme requested by the departed? If you’re opting for a religious funeral, do you prefer traditional vestments or those favoured by the more progressive clergy?



  1. Charles

    I found the ‘progressives’ images on – rainbow mitred bishopess and interfaith robe with…zip front.

  2. Charles

    Love the pics! Not sure what attire we who are on the frivolous end of the faith spectrum should adopt.
    I always wear fairly casual attire to visit families – it seems to put us all at ease and feel that we are on a level. However, on the day I wear smart – usually a suit. In a way it helps me adopt my role as ‘person at the front’.
    It is interesting though that many people do ask the question: what do you wear? Robes and vestments give an instant authority perhaps. They also confer respect in certain circles … and maybe fear…add a little touch of guilt and you could almost be in church.

  3. Charles

    And I had you down as a girl who enjoyed dressing up on occasion, Phoebe! Predictably, I like trad vestments (image 1), and priests who smoke cigars (2). I can’t take the final three seriously – ritual turned panto. But each to their own.

  4. Charles

    Well you’re right about me dressing up for the occasion! Cigar one is my favourite, but the others just don’t do it for me I’m afraid. I think another dissertation needs to be written about clergy and celebrant wear at modern funerals; reveals a lot about who we are and what we aspire to be…or not to be!

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