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“It is costly to our society in general, quite beyond the church, not to observe the death of a person in a way that witnesses to the dignity of the person and the meaning of life and death.” 


Thomas G Long







  1. Charles

    I feel that in general, and with notable exceptions this is accurate – tho’ as an undertaker perhaps I would say that, wouldn’t I.
    Exceptions would be everyone that didn’t agree, and had other ideas.
    See the ‘donation to science’ Guardian/Kathryn Edwards post in this very fine blog.

  2. Charles

    As an exceptionally good undertaker James, you would say that – I’ve known some that seem to have little enough true understanding of the dignity of a person, as opposed to the dignity of their profession and the shininess of their big black cars; they seem to have thought, as far as I can see, not much about the meaning of life and death. At least, they show zilch interest in the actual funeral ceremony.

    The quote is good enough for the training manual.

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