Our Glorious Dead

Charles 3 Comments


Were you intrigued by the illustration on the previous post of the Grammofonus Orchestra? If you were, you might have done some googling. If you were too idle or too busy, we’d like to show you what you would have found.

We can’t find any information about Grammofonus except for a website here and some video clips which hardly anyone has ever bothered watching.

The website reveals the artist to be Stupor Schwärze, about whom we can discover nothing but what he tells us about himself. He’s a musician/performance artist. Anarchic. Arty. Here he is:



Here at the GFG Funeralcare Tower™ we have fallen in love with Herr Schwärze. We’ve been listening to Our Glorious Dead all morning. One little intern loves Ave Porcus best, another Hitlerwetter. We all love Schlafe Ein. You can listen to the album here.



Here are some YouTube clips. Sheer genius, you might agree. Or not, as the case may be. 

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Phoebe Hoare
Phoebe Hoare
11 years ago

Seventeen, Erstes Buch and Amputationsschmerz are great, thank you for this Charles, don’t think I ever would have come across him otherwise. Pretty chilling stuff…which I like. Makes me think of terrifying music of Krzysztof Penderecki,


Definitely not bedtime music.

11 years ago

Thank you Charles for such an intriguing find, I didn’t even know about ‘experimental drone noise’ before today… And Phoebe, I rather wish I had paid heed to your advice re not bedtime listening… Evokes horror movie flickering light don’t look back fear and trembling!

Charles Cowling
11 years ago

Go to bed on Schlafe Ein.

Glad you like him. I think he’s great. The organ stuff is good, too. Amazing how few views there have been of his YouTubes.