Co-operative Funeralcar

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Brand new wheels for grief journeys bought by Co-op Funeralcare in Nottingham. One point two million quid’s worth. 

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comfortable.”

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  1. Charles


    so, would they have opted for another colour if a certain other (major) local independent didn’t also operate a ‘silver fleet’?


  2. Charles

    thx Charles, yes that was indeed the one that I had in mind, that little operation (sic) which clearly is so much in the forefront of the Notts f’care operation


  3. Charles

    Check your funeral istory guys and see who was operating silver fleet first…… Certainly this is not a new colour fleet, just a new fleet and take a look at Lymns fleet very nice RR’s but at least 20 years old, neither classic, vintage or new, simply old.

  4. Charles

    Is having lots of big cars, and riding in them, possibly more about status and self-confident pomp (maybe sometimes from mourners as well as FDs) than the real job of a funeral, the real job of grieving? If not, OK. They’ve got a lot of silver Mercs, whoever was first with the silver. If so – what a huge waste of money, what a fatuous photograph?

  5. Charles


    yes, very ‘fatuous’ indeed but that’s the f’care style – not the first time in the history of the blog that Charles has focused on such a story


    thanks also – in my view it’s irrelevant for the age of the AWL fleet, the f’care stance is a direct swipe at their largest local indy, their choice after all but all of this attempted oneupmanship only pushes the prices higher for the punters – f’care will do anything to keep ahead


  6. Charles

    Gloria you are spot on – since when did the colour, model, marque, torque or any of the other stupid (and predominantly male!) obsessions with vehicles come to symbolise a good funeral?????

    During my years as a funeral director I was constantly amazed at the extraordinary priority and amount of employees’ time given to polishing the damn limousines in comparison to spending time listening to bereaved families and tending to the bodies of those who had died – cars first, dead second.

    This to me shows everything that is corrupted about the way we view the leave-taking of our dead.

  7. Charles

    I’ve always said if it’s big, black and shiny the clients will be happy no matter what make or how old the vehicles are unless they’re car nuts.

    There was a funeral locally just a few weeks ago where the FD got to the house to be told the hearse wasn’t new enough and it took over an hour to get a replacement sorted. We supplied one of the 8 limos and our driver finished at midnight – nightmare job but fortunately rare.

  8. Charles

    In all fairness, the Co-op (Nottm) have had a similar fleet for a while now and I don’t believe that this has anything to do with Lymns. The majority of the Co-op’s fleets are silver so they aren’t differing from the norm.

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