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We apologise for pulling the post on without explanation. The website came under sustained and relentless attack from YouKnowWho. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. At this moment, 23 men in oily overalls and bearing large spanners are working round the clock, without breaks, to restore the site. 

All shall be well, and all shall be be well and all manner of thing, etc. 

The team at the GFG-Batesville Tower


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9 years ago

Julian of Norwich – one of my hero -ines
and all manner of things shall be well…

9 years ago

Thank you Charles. One of the issues with the internet is the ease with which anonymity can be achieved and I think that is why there is still so much mistrust of those who remain anonymous. This mistrust is probably a good thing most of the time, but every so often something that is a great idea gets tarred with the same brush for the sake of the modesty of these whose experience and pedigree can add so much substance. I read with interest the other website you mentioned in the blog yesterday and again there is no clue as… Read more »

9 years ago

The thing that’s missing from the website is any detail of whose idea it is and who is co-ordinating it. It talks about bringing funerals to a personal level but there is no person or group of people. There are no contact details apart from an email address. We Believe has no We.

One of the things Charles said to me when we launched Powell and Family Direct was that people like to deal with people – make it personal.

Community based funerals are a great way of getting more people involved but they won’t do it on their own.

gloria mundi
9 years ago

YouKnowWho – ? al Quaeda? CIA? Whatever the KGB is called these days? Or…no…you don’t mean…THEM? (Shudder) The Deathly Ones?? (Cringe)
Looking forward to seeing it, with thanks to Julian of Norwich.