The ride of death

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As the government launches its health and safety ‘myth squad’ we look back to the days when public health documents didn’t mince their words. Prepare for the Ride of Death:

This manual for bike riders identified the risk these innocent youngsters faced as they rode their bicycles with ghoulish relish:

You can read the whole manual here.


  1. Charles

    Thanks for posting this gem of recent history. Lovely retro illustration style evokes a more innocent age but the message deals with tragedy bluntly to say the least.

    So often Goverment propaganda gets it wrong. Warnings against lethal drugs end up glamourising victimhood etc. This is pretty effective stuff, at least I hope it served as a deterrent.

    But the below comment on the blog’s thread is somewhat unsympathetic. SHame on you CopperPin!

    ‘…those Lance Armstrong wannabes that are always clogging up the roads… I make a point of forcing them to the shoulder whenever I can and this would remind them what will happen if they don’t move. Bicycles don’t pay licencing fees or road taxes and they have no right to be on the road. What are they training for that’s so important that they can get in everyone else’s way?’

  2. Charles

    How fitting, just writing about roadside memorials and Ghost Bikes! These are great. It’s like the teenage version of Shockheaded Peter.

  3. Charles

    Fantastic I remember as a small child watching a safety video about farm safety it started off with 5 children and each one had a horrible death, falling out a tractor, drowning in a slurry pit, drinking rat poison that was stored in a lemonade bottle etc – 25 years on that video is still seared into my mind and I can remember it so clearly – it obviously had the desired effect and probably left scores of children traumatised for years to come !

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