Online grieving — candles

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From the message board at GoneTooSoon: 

Q. Could someone help I already remove the candles of the person I would like to block can I still block them if so how? Thank you

Ahiya courtney to be able to block anyone the have to be in the list of relations/relation to admin see memorial options right hand side of your garden if another member is giving you any problem then please open a support ticket you will see help at the top of any page click on there to open ticket and get help from admin hope this helps




  1. Charles

    What a great idea. A help section incorporated onto the GFG website. Come on peeps, how would Batesville Towers respond to our pleas? Cigar (kingfisher-shaped) for the best suggestion…

  2. Charles

    Please tell me this is not an English site. Really!! Is it asking too much to communicate with customers using punctuation and correct grammar? Perhaps they use their psychic powers to let us know where the sentences end (see link at the bottom of their home page).

  3. Charles

    ah the yoof of today… though I suppose I could imagine going round and chucking away the flowers from certain people left at my beloved’s grave…

    Help section at Batesville Towers? Just think – between Charles, Jonathon and Mrs Mollington we’d get a proppa heducashun I’m shore.

  4. Charles

    Call me an old fuddy-duddy, but what the hell is all that gobbledegook on ‘Goon Too Soon’?

    And is an ‘onlime memorial site’ one of those medieval mass graves?

  5. Charles

    Sorry, it should be online, Jonathan, but I can’t correct the typo, not having yet been awarded a furry hood for my anorak.

    It can be a weird world in online memoworld. Here’s another example: My friends I have given things a lot of thought. My Memorials are now unfrozen.
    Thank you to you all.

    By contrast, MuchLoved is a model of decorum and right conduct.

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