Good vibrations?

Charles Cowling


Promession has been a talking point ever since it was first described. It has not yet come to market, causing people to wonder if it ever will. When we raised doubts over whether the process is in fact able to reduce a body to organic powder by means of gentle vibration we received a lawyer’s letter from Promessa, the only time anyone has proposed to sue this blog for libel. We’re running the same risk again today.

When licence-holder Promessa UK pulled out of the project a few weeks ago they issued this damning conclusion: “In Promessa UK’s professional opinion and after a lengthy period of due diligence Promessa UK believes Promession is still at concept stage.”

Somewhere in all this lies the verifiable truth — demonstrable scientific fact. 

The film above was made for the Danish School of Media and Journalism. 






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4 years ago

Breaking up a frozen body — the film has disappeared from here. Why does this dream live on for so many decades? I don’t really see the attraction. What was this Promessa company that sent you a lawyer’s letter? Does it still exist?

Duncan Foster
9 years ago

Hi Charles, We are alive and well at Cryomation, and are entering a phase of development for our pre-production machine. We have had the technology for some time, however finding the right partner to finance and take this technology to market has been a challenge. We are confident that Cryomation will be available to the public within the next 2 years after completing the manufacture and testing of our first full scale machine, with the right partner/investor. We have kept quiet over a long period of time, so not to make promises we could not deliver! Wish us luck All… Read more »

Frank Delany
Frank Delany
9 years ago

I believe that the UK company CRYOMATION have been making
this point for sometime and have system that has been viewed by
others wishing to see such proof. Do you know what they are doing now in this space?

9 years ago

Always sounded a bit unbelievable to me – but like you Charles, I would be happy to see a demonstration proving that the process works and is commercially and practically viable.