Get up and gone

Charles Cowling


DEAR ABBY: My father passed away four years ago. Right after his funeral I found a bottle of Viagra hidden in the trunk of his car.

My sister and I agreed that we should keep it to ourselves and not tell my mother, but Mom and I are extremely close and I feel guilty keeping this secret.

My father had multiple affairs while he was married to Mom, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he was cheating on her. Because of conversations that I have had with her, I am 100 percent sure she didn’t know he was buying generic Viagra online and using Viagra. My mother remarried two years ago. Does she have the right to know, or should my sister and I take it to our graves?

— Two sisters in California


DEAR SISTERS: Your father’s time on earth is over. Your mother is happily (I hope) remarried and has gone on with her life. I see no reason to revisit your father’s probable indiscretions at this late date. It’s time to let him and this subject rest in peace.



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