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Posted by Debbie Smith

Anything seems to go when it comes to coffins nowadays, so perhaps it’s no surprise that the recent craze for cupcakes has had a morbid makeover.  Cupcakes, suitably adorned, have become a must-have accessory for contemporary funerals – both as an eye-catching centre piece at the wake or reception, and as a souvenir for the mourners.  For reasons buy research tadalafil that aren’t entirely clear, they have proved massively popular in East Anglia and the Midlands: local cupcake companies are struggling to keep up with demand and rise to the occasion.  It surely won’t be long before the whole country is caught up in funeral cupcake mania.  Crumbs!

With many thanks to the Manna Cupcake Company near Market Deeping 


  1. Charles

    It’s a lovely idea, but with today’s concerns about obesity, there ought to be some low-cal options too IMHO. Skinny ‘mortuary muffins’ perhaps?

  2. Charles

    As a Midlander, I can confirm that this phenomenon has reached epidemic proportions. The creativity that goes into the creation of them is immense. At funerals I attend I see more grievers popping them carefully into their handbags than actually eating them. I think they are keeping them as an enduring reminder of the dead person.

    Vale has a point, though. Perhaps ‘weepy wafers’ would make a virtuous addition, too.

  3. Charles

    What a genius idea – My gob is smacked, my ghast is flabbered! Whatever will they think of next, I ask you? I must say I see this catching on quicker than the bacon casket. As you say Charles – you can slip one of these into your handbag ( or in my case manbag) and eat it in privacy or indeed gaze on it in the china cabinet in eternal thanksgiving for dear Aunt Maud. Yum yum.

  4. Charles
    Mark Elliott & Ann.L

    Would not want to see a cake like that if I was attending a funeral wake and neither would any of the families that I look after. Not really in the best of taste.

      1. Charles

        Spent ages trying to get ‘best of taste’ and ‘cake’ into the same sentence Kitty, but you beat me to it! Now, did you notice that ‘Mark Elliott Ann L’ has the initials ‘MEAL’? Surely that’s food for thought?

  5. Charles

    LOL @ Jed, and in honesty, no. Although to be fair, the post has reappeared after nearly 2 years, and dates aren’t always the first things to be noticed. Today has an almost eerie message too doesn’t it … 2103 2013?

  6. Charles
    Mark Elliott & Ann.L

    No I dont think so. Everyone is entitled to make a comment and I have made mine in response to a comment that is not very nice. This is a public site and people have to expect comments to be left in response if they wish to make some kind of issue.

  7. Charles

    This is a site in private ownership. Guests are welcome so long as they conduct themselves with courtesy and due decorum. Visitors have no absolute entitlement to comment. Those who start fires and discharge catapults are expelled.

    The value of cake in mitigating complicated grief is attested and of long standing. The custom of giving cake to those who mourn has been traced back to the ancient Sumerians. The chocolate brownie is descended from the cakes offered to mourners at the funerals of Pharaohs.

  8. Charles
    Mark Elliott & Ann.L

    Well that is so nice to know. Things seem to have changed greatly since you decided to start charging for membership etc and when comments are made by others towards others you at the GFG to do nothing that speaks volumes. I am glad that I am not a Member of the GFG. If you could kindly expel me that would be lovely thank you so much.

    1. Charles

      Hi Mark

      I thought that Charles felt, err, highly of your own business…..? have I missed something here?


      (not that far away from you and am delighted that there are more Indy firms in Northampton than f’care and/or Dignity)

  9. Charles

    Mark – I apologise for my flippant comment. I was responsible for the original April Fool’s Day post. However, I genuinely think it is something that some people would consider for funeral receptions: just as people choose ‘novelty’ coffins and music. Not for everyone, of course.

  10. Charles
    Mark Elliott & Ann.L

    Hi Kitty, Many thanks for your message the message was in response to someone mocking myself and Anns Initials. Kindest regards. Mark

  11. Charles

    Well I noticed the date !, but still thought that the cakes looked fab and as I’m the one planning my” send off” I get to have what I want, and I say “let them eat cake”.
    Cupcakes and Coffee, Chocolate and Champagne and lots of laughter. Its a celebration of my life and anyone who thinks there in bad taste can bring their own rivita.

    hugs to you all lynne x

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