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“People come to you and say ‘Do you mind if I ask you how old you are?’ And you say ‘no’. It’s as if they want to say ‘Will you show me your arse?’ It’s some weird idea that it’s shameful to be old, something that is sick and smells bad instead of a source of pride — that one is a receptacle of years and years of being in the world. Why should I be ashamed of it and why should you be coy about it?”


Dudley Sutton, actor


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12 years ago

I don’t think many people assume there’s anything to be ashamed of. They are probably just trying to be polite whilst not knowing if their question might cause offence. Which sometimes it does.

I love the way very elderly people say ‘I’m 98, you know!’ without any particular reference to anything else in the conversation. I think I started announcing my age when I hit 40….I’m an old bat in training.

12 years ago

Yes, Sweetpea, that’s what struck me; I don’t reserve the politeness of ‘do you mind if I ask’ just for wrinklies.

12 years ago

I think that it is shocking that Dudley Sutton experiences this:

I actually can’t think of any of the wonderful BEEB progs. that he has appeared in since my childhood.

He is a wonderful actor because he is dedicated to his craft which is why I cannot remember anything he has been in.

Tell him I appreciate him if no one else done. The rudeness is equivalent to the ‘Molly Sugden’ sketches in ‘Little Britain’.

I need say no more.