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Happy Monday, everyone. 

If you come to this blog wondering what’s kicking off, chances are you’ve got something to say yourself. 

If so, we’d like you to.

The GFG’s a talking shop. We don’t have an editorial line, we don’t have a manifesto. Come one, come all; we’re Funeralworld’s Speakers’ Corner.

If you’d like to sound off about anything at all, do get in touch. 

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gloria mundi
11 years ago

I’d like to sound off about your outrageous policy of allowing people to say what they think, learn how to pick and choose between funeral “professionals,” deal with end-of-life issues, and generally think for themselves. The consequences for our profits could be disastrous, and I am already in discussion with our lawyers about your deeply offensive independence and integrity. We didn’t get where we are today, young man, without a lot of black crepe, large black cars and plenty of euphemisms.
We remain, sir,
A Very Large National Chain.

Harry Layne Bsc
5 years ago
Reply to  gloria mundi

Join the discussion…

11 years ago

thanks Gloria, lots of laughs in the Cook house this evening.

gloria mundi
11 years ago

Now look here, Rosie, this is not a matter for levity. Big black cars = profit margins, a matter best approached obliquely and with sombre demeanour…

11 years ago

OOO you got me going again! Seems to me that they = a financial shackle that restricts flexibiity. A bizarre deep-shine peacock thing. Most odd.

Charles Cowling
11 years ago