Man Desecrates Corpses In Teeth Heist Shock

Charles Cowling


For readers who find our diet worthy, dull and occasionally pretentious, here’s something to gladden your eye from the New York Daily News:

A “creepy” Colorado father accused of pawning gold teeth he took from cremated remains at several funeral homes claims he did it to provide for his eight children, police said.

Police said Adrian David Kline also swiped gold crowns from corpses before they were embalmed.


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2 thoughts on “Man Desecrates Corpses In Teeth Heist Shock

  1. Charles Cowling
    james showers

    I have always been informed that gold vapourises, along with amalgum, tin, silver. Also that copper is highly toxic and we sign a form saying there is no copper in the coffin. Ferrous metals do not vapourise and are removed with a magnet from the cremulator.

    Charles Cowling
  2. Charles Cowling

    It had occurred to me that were it not for the delicate matter of permission, it would be much more cost efficient to remove mercury filled teeth from the mouths of the recently deceased as opposed to spending millions on mercury abatement filters at crematoria…. It could also be added to the curriculum at schools of dentistry, a last module before practicing on live patients perhaps? But I hadn’t considered the gold aspect…..

    Charles Cowling

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