Death is a great score-settler

Charles Cowling


Hat tip to Xpiry

2 thoughts on “Death is a great score-settler

  1. Charles Cowling
    Belinda Forbes

    I love the bit: in lieu of flowers, take someone you love out to dinner.

    Charles Cowling
  2. Charles Cowling
    Kathryn Edwards

    Well, stepping round the sibling-dissing, let’s rejoice in a tincture or twain, for Proverbs 31 – though mainly about how a good wife is worth more than rubies (as an acrostic! Who knew?) – commends a stiff drink for those who suffer. Those who are kings, meanwhile, are to stay sober and speak up for the rights of the oppressed.

    Cheers! Dontcha just love the GFG?

    Charles Cowling

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