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Sadly my father recently passed away and the thoughts of my family turned to appointing a funeral director. It was a toss-up between a local family-run firm and the Co-operative Funeralcare. In the end we chose the family firm, but it was a close-run thing.

When I registered my father’s death, the registrar said that the Co-op was growing in popularity and was very helpful and efficient. 


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andrew plume
andrew plume
9 years ago

mmmm…………..and what was the incentive for the Registrar to come out with that comment, then………? (as was the implication)


9 years ago

We don’t talk about death; that’s the beginning and the end of the problem.

No wonder people can’t choose a funeral director, or distinguish one from another, when they don’t even know what any of them do. Imagine being arrested in, say, China and having to choose a defence solicitor without the language of the common people to your lips, let alone that of the legal profession…

gloria mundi
9 years ago

In my not so humble, registrars should stick to their job and offer choices, not endorsements.
WTF indeed.

james showers
9 years ago

Brave family to go against the ‘official’ view.
I hope that the registrar was asked for their opinion on alternative undertakers, and that their ringing endorsement was not simply volunteered.
I also wonder how this family got on with the independant firm, and whether this company were aware of the registrar’s recommendation.

David Holmes
9 years ago

It’s possible.. But more likely they are ‘growing in popularity’ because there is little choice in some areas?