Two weeks ago I told a man that he was dying…

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Here’s the beginning of a brilliant post by an American doctor, Jordan Grumet, who blogs over at  In My Humble Opinion. Do follow the link at the end and read the rest. 


Two weeks ago I told a man that he was dying. We sat together in the mid afternoon haze. Puffs of snow meandered by the hospital window and wended their way down to the ground. The sun was lost behind winter’s never ending clouds.

The tempo of my voice was steady, lacking variation in tenor and pitch. I clung to my lab coat as if I was floating outside the window and being blasted by the inclement conditions.

I waited coldly for a response. At first, he stared at me quizzically. His eyes asked so many questions but his lips remained still. He shook his head and sighed. I glanced above him at the ticking clock.

You’re wrong. It’s not my time yet!


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  1. Charles

    Thanks Charles.

    At least this medic had the courage to tell the truth to his patient. I had the experience recently with regard to my father-in-law of doctors being fully aware that he was dying and not telling us. He died 8 days later and our shock at the speed of this certainly didn’t help us to cope. The only reason for not telling us that we can work out is that it made things easier for them. We have issued a formal complaint. I’m happy to email you a copy of this if you’re interested.


  2. Charles

    Beyond belief, Jon – nothing but sympathies to you and yours. It’s such a lottery, isn’t it, how one is treated by skilled medics, some of whom verge on the saintly, whereas others, one hopes and believes a tiny minority, seem to have had an empathy by-pass.

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