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I’ve attended both a religious and a … civil? funeral recently, and the similarities – the sadness of the person’s departure, the commemoration of a life well spent, humour, grief and the gathering together of people who might not otherwise have seen each other in a long time – were far more obvious to me than the differences.

Guardian commenter Jehenna here.









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gloria mundi
12 years ago

That’s a valuable comment with which I agree. Perhaps the chief difference to be noted is between effective, helpful, successful funerals, and…the others. The belief systems involved may be interesting to some of us, but if the funeral fits the family and helps them, the beliefs framework is probaly not the point, be the family RC or not in the least C.

X Piry
X Piry
12 years ago

All interesting stuff and shows, perhaps, that the best funerals we do are the ones where people don’t notice what sort of ceremony it is, but whether or not it suits the people involved. “He would have loved that” is one of the best things to hear, on the flower terrace.