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The Natural Death Handbook, Fifth Edition

A thoroughly updated and revised edition of the Natural Death Centre‘s celebrated handbook. Now presented alongside a new collection of essays on death, dying and funeral practices by doctors, historians, authors, poets, theologians and artists including Richard Barnett, David Jay Brown, Dr Sheila Cassidy, Charles Cowling, Bill Drummond, Stephen Grasso, Maggi Hambling, Graham Harvey, Gary Lachman, Nick Reynolds, and Dignity in Dying.

It’s out in May 2012!

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Jon Underwood
12 years ago

I cannot WAIT to get a copy of this. It sounds fantastic and the cover is so beautiful. The NDC sparked my interest in this field over a decade ago and my admiration for them has only increased with time.

Charles Cowling
12 years ago

Me too, Jon. That’s where it began.

james showers
12 years ago

What a force for good this Natural Death Centre organisation has been! Aided and urged on by the Good Funeral Guide, which initiates challenging debate, controversy, inspiration and ideas. And information of course; information that everyone should be aware of, as future participants in arranging and delivering funerals.