Singing them out

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Here’s a lovely story from the Isle of Anglesey, reported by the BBC.

A local funeral celebrant, Tim Clark, has founded a choir to sing at funerals. He has named it Threnody. Tim says: “Many [secular] funerals are at crematoria, where there is not a tradition of choral singing. We aim to change that, and to help people to join us in song. Increasingly, I’m finding that people would like some singing along with some recorded music.”

Threnody’s repertoire, comprising both sacred and secular music, includes many Welsh favourites whose names we shall not give you because you’d never be able to pronounce them. 

What a difference the fresh immediacy of live singing will make. Here at the GFG Batesville Tower we applaud this initiative to the echo.

It’s such a good idea we hope it goes viral. 


Full story here


  1. Charles

    It’s great news that you feel ready for the off!

    Can I self-interestedly nudge you towards a bit of Fauré?

    Let’s hope it does go viral.

  2. Charles

    I’m going to persuade Tim to tell us more about Threnody’s repertoire, and how he got it up and running – I think he’s probably waiting until they have got some more experience of actual funerals. But as you say Melissa, tra la la! There’s nothing like the good old live human voice.

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