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How’s it going with the Christmas shopping? Look, with time running out, it’s time to get going.

Here at the GFG-Batesville Tower we like to support our own — the people who share our values. There are precious few of these in the high street for, verily, they are a precious few. 

One of the precious few is Yuli Somme of Bellacouche. She is a felt maker, originator of the wonderful LeafShroud and Leafcocoon, burial shrouds for adults and chidren respectively. In addition to being an incredibly nice person she also signs up to values that most of us can only aspire to – wistfully. She is committed to: support local wool producers and pay a fair price; source organically whenever practical and possible; use rare breed fleece when practical; compost all waste after recycling options have been achieved; use local buy tadalafil 270 online processors and related businesses to limit wool miles; offer commitment and integrity towards customers; enjoy my work. 

Yuli makes a range of felt products, all of which would make really good Christmas presents. Here are some:


Decorative mobile. Fits into a greetings card. £5.50


Woolsack Minikit. All you need to make this felt necklace. £8.00


Felt insoles. Great for walkers – and snowbound undertakers. £6.00 pr, 3 for £15.00


Oven gloves with a choice of motifs. £25.00



Tea cosy, chicken or dog. £45.00


Tuffet. ‘Three layers of lovely thick felt form a cushioning and insulating mat between you and a hard chair, damp grass, or other place you choose to sit.’ £30.00


Order online direct from Yuli. Pay by PayPal. Couldn’t be easier. Astound your friends and loved ones with your good taste and originality. Find Yuli’s website here

All photographs copyright Yuli Somme. 


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Jon Underwood
12 years ago

Really like this stuff