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The Revd Paul Sinclair, proprietor of Motorcycle Funerals, occupies, in the unanimous opinion of all who toil round the clock here at the GFG-Batesville Tower, the status of national treasure. He’s a thoroughly good egg, a lovely man.

At weekends, when crem chimneys grow cold, Paul and his wife Marian like to travel the country preaching the gospel. Paul had his own church back in the day, in Willesden, a part of London through which Olympic VIPs are unlikely to be conveyed. He was extremely successful in building the congregation and securing the fabric of his church. He also achieved local fame for the posters he displayed order cialis professional outside his church. This is our favourite:



You can buy a copy of Paul’s book, Now Open Sundays, a selection of his best posters plus lots of good stories, here.



But you’re dying to hear him preach. Here he is. You’ll enjoy his storytelling skills, his humour and his reflections on the funeral trade. “Wouldn’t you just love this, when it comes to your funeral, if we didn’t have to tell lies about you?” “Have you ever been to a funeral and thought you went to the wrong one?”

Listen away…


The Reputation Trap by Paul and Marian Sinclair

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Jon Underwood
10 years ago

This fella sounds fab. Love those signs. A religious person with a sense of humour makes a refreshing change. It seems his book is only six quid, may have to treat myself.