Roar deal

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Midlands Co-op has announced the launch of its very own trike hearse. The Rocket, they call it. It’s fast, it “lets bike lovers choose a send-off in a style that mirrors the way they lived – not in a sidecar or trailer but on a custom-designed, built-for-speed motorcycle.” 

Whether or not this is this is a handsome conveyance has been the subject of curt debate here at the GFG-Batesville Tower. Someone noted its central wheel and wondered how it would cope with snow. Someone else wondered about those who have specified a motorcycle hearse in their Midlands Co-op funeral plan, with a sidecar hearse in mind; is this what they’re going to get instead? 

Aesthetics aside, here’s another very good motive for suppliers of specialist services and merchandise to cut their ties with undertakers and go direct to the consumer. A far better deal for both parties. 

 Midlands Co-op announcement here




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