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Charles Cowling


When we walked into the funeral home, there was my mother laid out in a pretty blue dress with townspeople milling around, smiling, greeting me, speaking of old times. Happy talk.

My wife, ashen, asked, “Why is she wearing glasses?” 

Michael Pulley


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Kathryn Edwards
Kathryn Edwards
10 years ago

Oh, the process of separation!

Any body-carer who had any sort of engagement would have a convo with the specs-bearing bereaved about how to manage them. Take a moment. Think about resourcing the dead. Think about what that means. Think about the meaning and value of grave goods. Review the possibilities: place them in the coffin, place them in the hands, and/or donate them to a charity that recycles specs for the less materially resourced, etc.


10 years ago

It just shows how divorced we are from the practical side of death these days; how little we know. There is great knowlege in the modern world but little wisdom I find. I lent the GFG to a friend recently – she recoiled and was truly shocked by the laying out and preserving processes described. But it is only forty years or so since people were laying out their dead in their front rooms. TV should be filling these gaps now surely? As our primary medium of information they have a huge privilege and responsibility which they only occasionally pay… Read more »

David Holmes
10 years ago

I like it..

Families who supply us with clothes, usually bring shoes.

And always glasses!