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This music video may interest you. Here’s some text from Consequence of Sound

Everyone deals with death in their own personal way, but psych-rock outfit Crystal Antlers offers a unique perspective on the topic in their music video for “Dog Days”. In said clip, a group of friends commemorate a dead friend by carrying around his/her ashes in various cups and cookie jars, as if said friend is still “one of the guys.” For a final tribute, they channel the Vikings by setting up a funeral pyre and spreading the friend’s ashes throughout the woods.

The song is called Dog Days. Find Crystal Antlers’ website here.

One thought on “Psych-Vikings

  1. Charles Cowling
    james showers

    Well found, Charles. This is an extraordinary video – as much as for the complete lack of grandiosity when scattering (and being covered by) the friend’s ashes – as for the outdoor fire and the body carted along under a blanket on the car roof: perfectly legal, if covered, I believe.
    I loved the friend walking,loose as a goose,dragging the silver cup handle on the shop windows, with ashes scattering as she sashayed along.
    This spreading (sharing) of the grief seems real: both tragic and helpful. Splitting the ashes may have been tough for the family, and may have taken time. It would have been a relinquishing of no mean proportion. Thank you – it should have wider exposure, as it is an inspiration.

    Charles Cowling

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