Personalisation at its most underwhelming

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Frazer Consultants a personalization, technology, and consulting company for the death care profession announced the launch of their new, patent pending funeral product, the Life Journey temporary grave marker.

This new, revolutionary invention is not only a temporary grave marker, but also a unique keepsake. After the permanent grave marker is in place, the photo frame portion of the marker can be removed allowing the family to take it home as a keepsake.

“Our Life Journey temporary grave marker becomes a lasting memorial once the headstone or permanent marker is in place,” explained Matt Frazer, Consultant with Frazer Consultants. “Unlike any other grave marker available, our revolutionary removable photo frame is truly a unique keepsake that can be easily created in-house for client families.”

Frazer Consultants free software contains easy to use templates featuring over 500 themes representing most interests, hobbies, occupations, and religious background. “If we don’t have the theme you’re looking for, simply call or email us and make a request,” said Frazer.

The temporary grave marker comes complete with perforated photo sheets and laminate pouches as well as a metal stake which can be reused multiple times.

“Frazer Consultants makes personalization easy for the funeral professional.”

Sorry, no pic of this epoch-making invention — eat your heart out, penicillin. Draw a cross. Draw a square over the intersection. That’s it. If you’re an undertaker, buy lots. 



  1. Charles

    O, the myth of the personal. We all like to believe we are unique, but the marketeers will tell us we are easily grouped into types, each with it’s recognised preferences. Of course service providers don’t tell you that your individual choice is actually preset and predetermined – they want to sustain the illusion of difference.

    All we a seeing here is what lies behind the service. The real issue with the Life Journey surely is not that it pretends to be personal, but that it sounds thoroughly naff.

  2. Charles

    We are, bit by bit, deconstructing our funeral culture, and bit by bit, re-developing it, in our own work. Naffness and unreal sentimentality, from marketeers in the business, do their best to interrupt us and interfere with the mindset of bereaved people.

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