Celebration of life

Charles Cowling


Crowds mourning the death of Kim Jong Il in North Korea this morning. According to the Korean Central News Agency:

People from all walks of life are visiting statues of President Kim Il Sung in different parts of Pyongyang including Kim Il Sung University to express their greatest sorrow over the demise of Kim Jong Il, the father of the nation.

Tears are streaming down the cheeks of the grief-stricken people. “We can never believe that leader Kim Jong Il passed away as even shortly ago he conducted energetic activities day and night for prosperity and development of the country and the happier life of the people.

“Have we ever thought of the country without Kim Jong Il, the Korean revolution without his leadership and our life without his loving care.”

At this moment of greatest sorrow and grief, people feel as if the sky were falling down. The hearts of all of them are now filled with stronger faith in victory, optimism and solemn pledge.

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10 years ago

It’s noticeable that the media is portraying these outbursts of grief as ersatz – something that the state demands and the attention of the media provokes.

Some of it may be – but why should we assume all of it is false?