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Everything you ever wanted to know about natural burial but forgot to ask:

A natural burial involves the preparation of a human body for embalming. It uses disinfectants but it avoids chemical preservatives. These preservatives or fluids might destroy the natural decomposition, composed of microbes. These living things are used to break down the body as it decomposes. The natural burial may use a shroud, casket, or a biodegradable coffin. Before putting the body inside the vault, there is a rectangular lot prepared to accommodate the size of the coffin. The depth of the grave is already measured. Why is that necessary? The measurement of the depth will allow the microbial activity. At the same time, the odor won’t be smelt outside the grave. You may reserve a grave in a cemetery or in a private land. It’s your choice. However, before deciding, you may research the advantages and disadvantages of using each type of land. Afterwards, make sure that you can find the best company to provide you a natural burial plan.


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