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An irony of the natural burial movement is that it was begat by idealists and freethinkers and  environmentalists… and then spied and pounced on by venture vultures scenting carrion. When you do the math you can easily see why — and begin to fear that there are going to be tears before bedtime.

Here’s an example.

Take 15.7 acres of land in Haslemere, buy cialis levitra and viagra Surrey. Get planning permission to turn them into a natural burial ground. Put them up for sale for around £3 million. 

This is actually happening.

The buyer sells each plot at what you’d pay for a plot in local authority cemetery in leafy Haslemere, namely £2,000. That parcel of land is set to earn…

£28 million. 

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12 years ago

Oh if only it was that easy Charles! There are cheaper, probably better natural burial sites in that area and I don’t think they will do very well if they pitch it at the level you suggest. I suspect something else is going on here. If it is as you calculate, they are unlikely to see a return for 20 years or more. £3 million they must be mad. Far more likely is that a company specialising in crematoria has snapped it up, speculating that with a death related status already in place they will not have such a struggle… Read more »

Charles Cowling
12 years ago

Rosie, thank you for this – very much indeed.

Yes, still a way to go. We must fight the good fight.