Meet St Pancras

Charles Cowling


St Pancras was beheaded in 304 during Diocletian’s persecution when he was only 14 years old. His skeleton was clothed in armour in 1777. He now resides at the Church of St Nikolaus in Wil, Switzerland.

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Richard Rawlinson
Richard Rawlinson

Hi Charles, liking your skeleton blogs! St Pancras tends to be depicted with his flesh on in order not to frighten the kiddies! Scroll down for alternative images of the lad.

Jon Underwood

I find these images to be awesomely powerful.

Richard Rawlinson
Richard Rawlinson

The saint’s day of St Pancras, the 14-year-old patron saint of children, is 12 May. A partnership between St Pancras International station and the nearby Great Ormand Street Hospital continues to raise hundred of thousands of pounds for the care of sick and dying children. Great to see this 4th century martyr for his faith has a positive legacy even today!

gloria mundi

I’m all for memento mori, Charles, but by God, that is a truly tasteless and gaudily unpleasant object to behold! I shan’t be able to walk through the portals of the well-known railway station with quite the same aplomb ever again.