Britain’s second favourite undertaker

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Here are some up-to-date headline stats on Dignity plc, the brand that dares not speak its name.

Valued at £460m

Average earnings growth of around 15% over the past five years. Growth is forecast to be at a similar level in the current year and 11% in 2012.

Debt stands at £319 million, up from £238.5 million in June 2010.

In the first half of 2011, revenues rose by 7% to £108 million and profits rose slightly to £24.5 million. 

During the first half of 2011, the company spent £11 million on seven acquisitions, in addition to opening 11 new satellite locations at a cost of £500,000.

Handles 12% of total deaths in UK.

UK’s largest single operator of crematoria. Underlying profits grew by 12.6% during the period to £11.6 million. 

Affinity partners include Legal & General, Asda and Age UK.

You may now applaud. 

Source: Motley Fool

The Good Funeral Guide congratulates Dignity on the great value it offers shareholders, and welcomes all good news it may wish to communicate via us to consumers. Get in touch, chaps!

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andrew plume
andrew plume
12 years ago

ah yes, Charles………………….. I’m somewhat disappointed that your very precise summary of said results for Dignity have met without any comment. In true consistency of my campaign against such corporates, it’s time for a post As is also the case with funeralcare and LM, to name two, yes, it’s wonderful these results but what does it mean for the average punter in the street? Well, little other than the cost escalates for them, they, the punters, are rightly not interested in acquisitions and new branches, no but they should be as they are funding the cost of said growth –… Read more »

andrew plume
andrew plume
12 years ago

quote from Charles’ succinct summary: “…….in addition to opening 11 new satellite locations at a cost of £500,000………” yes the good marketing folk of Dignity have, ahem, as far as I can see launched these new locations with names as thrilling and imaginative as;- ‘Abbey Funeral Service’ ‘Daisy Funeral Directors’ ‘Droitwich Spa Funeral Service’ ‘Dundee Funeral Service’ ‘Hinksey Funeral Service’ Hornchurch & Essex Funeral Service’ ‘Hounslow Funeral Service’ ‘Romford & Essex Funeral Service’ ‘Tilbury & Essex Funeral Services’ ‘Whitchurch Funeral Services’ ………..all of which, I’m sure will have the punters flocking to them, no I’m afraid not – they have… Read more »