Where the tree falls, the forest rises

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From The Rising, by Wendell Berry


There is a grave, too, in each

survivor. By it, the dead one lives.

He enters us, a broken blade,

sharp, clear as a lens or mirror.


Like a wound, grief receives him.

Like graves, we heal over, and yet keep

as part of ourselves the severe gift.


By grief, more inward than darkness,

the dead become the intelligence of life.


Where the tree falls, the forest rises.

There is nowhere to stand but in absence,

no life but in the fateful light.



Charlene Elderkin, eminent home funeralist and member of the Threshold Care Circle in Wisconsin, is writing a book: a collection of stories offering an intimate glimpse into the personal renewal experienced following the death of a loved one. 

She is looking for contributors with story submissions that offer an intimate glimpse into personal renewal following the death of a loved one or community member. Without denying the experience of grief and loss, these first-hand accounts illustrate how ordinary people find a way to integrate the death of their beloved into a forever-changed life. How this integration unfolds and when is as varied as the people writing their stories.

It’s to be called Where the Tree Falls, the Forest Rises. Find her website here



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