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When East Staffordshire Borough and South Derbyshire District Council sold Bretby crematorium to Midlands Co-op there were those who said no good would come of it. It’s been just a few weeks and the doomsayers are already feeling grimly vindicated. 

The Co-op has been refurbing the car park with this consequence to a mourner: 

“I was attending a funeral last Tuesday (August 23) and was standing outside the entrance to the crematorium at 10.30am with about a dozen other people and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“It was just disgraceful. The workers were shouting at each other over the machines and using foul language, right in front of the mourners with absolutely no thought for them. The people I was standing with were just as disgusted as me. 

“People are paying their last respects and saying their last goodbyes so they shouldn’t be expected to put up with this behaviour. It is disgraceful that mourners have to witness this.” 

Full story in the Burton Mail here.


  1. Charles

    I worked as a brickie for twenty years, and I know this sounds like normal banter. Building site workers are not especially sensitive chaps in my experience, and have little situational awareness. But they’re honourable on the whole, and if it were simply pointed out to them that they were upsetting the bereaved, how would they feel if it was their dad’s funeral etc, I believe they’d have been mortified.

    If it had been my old man’s send off I couldn’t have given a fuck about the twats earning their crust. I’d be more pissed off with the arseholes setting me back two months’ bastard wages for a half hour’s rented space in their shitty little hole, instead of a dignified fuckin’ occasion – the cunts!

  2. Charles

    not a great story (at all) – the Management have to stand up and apologise or what Management? – surely whatever work needs carrying out should be effected over a weekend………………….?

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