OMG!!! Men of Mortuaries

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Posted by Vale


‘Aren’t undertakers old, gray of complexion, gaunt and, well, creepy?’

It’s the opening question in a 2007 article in America’s Obit magazine and, of course, the answer is no – as evidenced by the photographs shown in a calendar displaying all that is best of American male mortician manhood.

The Calendars were for charity and the mortician who organised the shoot – Kenneth McKenzie who has a funeral home in Long Beach, California – sees them as a humorous way to dispel the notion that morticians “are gray-haired and hunchbacked with no personality.”

Have a look at the original article to check for yourselves:

But I think a gauntlet has been thrown down in the USA. Anyone want to pick it up? And does anyone want to nominate a likely candidate?

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Jon Underwood
12 years ago

Great stuff! Love it. Thanks Vale.

Have been impressed by Obit Mag in general, one of the most interesting death sites out there.


Charles Cowling
12 years ago

I nominate David Albery of Exeter and District Funeral Service. Hunky. Hot.

Rupert Callender
12 years ago

I don’t mean to come over all curmudgeonly, but I think the trend for endlessly overdoing the WI’s groundbreaking calendar with all that it subverted about impossible sexual idealism, age and our notion of when a woman was attractive and when she became invisible shows a staggering unoriginality. If I was in an organisation, and someone suggested doing one of these, then I would either immediately tender my resignation or resignedly beat the suggester until they were tender. Wow, my wife has had an even bigger effect on me than I realised. Now, I may be about to lose a… Read more »

Jon Underwood
12 years ago

So glad I checked back at the comments for this post.

“A sort of naked, posable Jeremy Bentham with unlimited air miles who never said no.” The image will never leave!

Having found out about it, I am compelled to post a Necrocard immediately to my blog to help them become more widely available.

Thanks Rupert.


Gail Rubin
12 years ago

Kudos for this post! Love it. I just had to share over here in the U.S. You get credit for it on The Family Plot Blog today. Here’s the short link:

Rupert Callender
12 years ago

Thanks Jon, I was quite pleased with it for 10 30 in the morning.
On reflection, perhaps my reaction is due to fearing looking more like Adrian Mole in the showers than these thoroughly over buffed narcissists. At least the various UK ones, farmers, vets, binmen etc have the decency to look mildly embarrassed.