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This is the time of year when the Reaper takes a break and catches some rays, giving undertakers a chance to do housekeeping chores, and celebrants a chance to starve. There’s not a lot going on out there. I can’t begin to tell you what a quiet week it’s been. These are the best I could find. 


The thankless business of teaching funeral directors to be businesslike – http://on.ft.com/nJIxiN


Man heart-attacks while building funeral pyre for dead relative. Pragmatic solution: both burned together – http://bit.ly/nn1EHZ


“Old-school undertakers dictated funerals, the bereaved could only take it or leave it” Taiwan then and now. Lessons. http://bit.ly/qn7B3s


Pastor caught in bed with his brother’s wife claims “I went to fetch her so we could go to a funeral.” Fined 8 cattle. http://bit.ly/pL5zY8


A proper gypsy funeral. Undertakers dream of getting one of these. Who got this one? http://bit.ly/pxbtBp


‘FIELD TRIP: Day of Brains in Jars.’ Doncha just love the Morbid Anatomy blog? http://bit.ly/qPMffn


“Independent funeral homes thrilled cos big corp prices are driving consumers to independent FDs.” Ditto in the UK. http://bit.ly/petQ76


Proposed crem: “Imagine, at a cafe, you see a bunch of coffins burnt into the air.” Viva death in the community! http://bit.ly/pPhnaO


Rottweiler’s funeral pyre burns master’s house down –http://bit.ly/nGynCJ


Viking funeral replete with flaming arrows to honour those lost at sea – http://bit.ly/otF56l


They’ve been visiting the grave for 20 years, and now they’re told their mum isn’t actually there – http://bit.ly/p7bDqy


I’d love a copy of this – 600+ FDs financially analysed – market share, trends, industry averages. Tad pricey though –http://bit.ly/nlD8AK


Make up for what you lack with a PR stunt. Nice one, Co-op.http://bit.ly/pPzK4Q


Who says you can’t buy journalists? Dignity can –http://tgr.ph/p8CwKr


Dead guy alphabetised at his funeral – http://tinyurl.com/6aor3nc



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11 years ago

Re: ‘You can’t buy journalists…’ – I clicked in out of mild curiosity, but even an old hand like me is shocked. This is journalism at its worst, ie; blatant advertizing.

How much does this guy cost? Could some of us club together and do something equally immoral for our own advantage? Do we have to pay for the free pens, or does he?