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Gladd bag suicide kit


By Charles Cowling

They done her in. So claims the director of the new Diana movie – http://ind.pn/ifoEFe

All the Goth death stuff you could probably ever want – http://bit.ly/9Xp6YI

Will the Tories flunk doing the right thing to fix the growing old age care crisis? It seems so – http://bit.ly/jLfgVr

Israelis bulldoze Muslim cemetery at night in order to build Museum of Tolerance – http://bit.ly/j7I1yn

With the example of sociopath US commercial operators in healthcare, why would the UK feel it needs the bastards? http://nyti.ms/lSVh4C

“One less dog!” Muslim kids abuse European funerals in Holland – http://youtu.be/EJQTvyHKpJI

Tales of empire: Job Charnock married a 15 y/o Hindu rescued from the pyre of her husband, about to commit sati. http://bit.ly/mkLGfA

Longevity is the elephant in the room. We live in denialist times – http://bit.ly/lakaH0

DeathwDignity Death with Dignity RT by GoodFunerals
Laws Should Reflect Diversity of Opinions. A new post on our blog: http://ht.ly/5rxJt #DeathwithDignity #eol #hpm

Catholic church says no to gay man’s funeral. God is glorified? http://bit.ly/lwdOcv

It’s not just people who die – http://bit.ly/lsxbkA

The sentimentalisation of death and recreational grieving. An unsentimental view of death by someone with cancer http://bit.ly/iNlp7K

‘Terrifyingly fascinating.’ The wax funeral effigy of Sarah Hare – http://bit.ly/mSJRId

Epitaph for an atheist found yesterday in an English churchyard (how English!): ‘I was not; I have been; I am not; I do not mind.’

Headstone unsafe after 11 years. How dare ‘stonemasons’ steal this honourable title? http://bit.ly/irjahK

matthiasrascher Matthias Rascher RT by GoodFunerals
Ancient graves suggest that family didn’t really matter 9,000 years ago. http://on.io9.com/l8v03E #archaeology #history

Palliative care discussion on today’s Today prog. Catch it on Listen Again – http://bbc.in/mqqXwM

Internet suicide kits and a nice dilemma for the sanctity-of-lifers – http://bit.ly/mmwU50

Do catch Sarah Murray, author of just-published Making an Exit, talking to Sandi on R4 Excess Baggage Listen Again: http://bbc.in/kOWSXw

PippaMW Pippa Wilcox RT by GoodFunerals
Lovely mention for #homedeath in the Guardian guardian.co.uk/culture. We’re told that it’s selling fast so do book – finboroughtheatre.co.uk/productions

An egregious example of the corruption at the heart of the US funeral industry. Can you read between the lines? – http://bit.ly/lqevIb

An idiot writes to ask me what I think of his new venture: http://youtu.be/St5GiFmZoEQ

And now there’s the Eternal Bed casket, a ‘compassionate alternative’. Love it! http://bit.ly/mf4BRe @TheEternalBed

Vicar defrocked after being caught trousering funeral fees, naughty boy – http://bit.ly/kcjujP

Sussex hospitals doing public health funerals for an ave of just £700 each. How?? – http://bit.ly/jRkKlD


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