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Impasse between FD and DWP, so the funeral couldn’t go ahead. Who’s the villain here? http://bit.ly/jnbYCO


“When the crem curtains closed, all that remained was a pair of thongs.” – http://bit.ly/iFXvtb


“Even departed ones born during Stone Age would surely love this insanely crazy idea” : http://bit.ly/miHmG1


Levertons always have a coffin ready for a royal –http://bit.ly/mBmkei


SCI workers on strike against the vile beast which begat Dignity (and Alderwoods) in the UK. Hate those corps. http://prn.to/mkhSwR


22 priests and a funeral — a modest one. Incomparable reporting by the Irish Times of the Lenihan sendoff – http://bit.ly/mGT85g


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Pingpong as a cure for #Alzheimers? Seriously. lat.ms/lBbep2


Scattering ashes from a model plane – http://bit.ly/kXwewl


Paul Sinclair’s inimitable take on the NFE –http://youtu.be/SKut9r77uZ8


Corpses plundered for bodyparts. Are there no depths to depravity?http://bit.ly/mtHBxW


Do do form an orderly stampede for Sarah Murray’s new book, it’s almost certainly brilliant – http://amzn.to/jVmckM


Starbucks opens up in a funeral home. Such a good idea.http://bit.ly/ir8HUa


Death porn – http://bit.ly/miPH7Hhttp://bit.ly/miStnw Long live the Daily Mail. Pass me the news, someone.


Dead husband reincarnated as a giraffe – http://bit.ly/mkbcg6


Spellbinding photos here (for you juicers) and an interesting story –http://bit.ly/mUBH1A


Danny Alexander says we’re living longer than ever. Correction, Mr A, we’re taking longer than ever to die. Big, big difference, old sport.


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via @TheOnion – God Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorderonion.com/94uCri


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Identified – the boy in the cast iron coffin http://tinyurl.com/5rsywo9



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Jon Underwood
11 years ago

“death porn” lol! Love it